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COMICS AVAILABLE TODAY!  Comic Books for sale.  Back Issue Comic Sale!!!  

All 1st printings unless noted. Prices on request: I use Wizard and Overstreet and offers.  prices and grades on request.

Love checks and money orders and paypal for credit card payments.

Punisher comics: (Samples)         ALL FOR SALE

Earliest Punisher Series (Limited 4 became 5)




ZECK  double-sized







Direct VF Newstand

2 copies


pulled a couple more dozen unlisted, inquire
MORE: Just found (covers on this page below click image)

PUNISHER #1 Electrifying First Issue High Grade Direct Edition (Original Cover $2.95) 
metalic cover 1995; $10.00

What If The Punisher's Family Hadn't Been Killed #10   $5.00 
NM/M free bags and boards. 

Punisher War Journal # 61 Suicide Run part 1 $10. Glossy Metallic Cover NM one 
owner high grade Great art.

Punisher War Zone #23 Suicide Run; 
Metal Glossy Cover, (Part 2) Direct, High Grade Buscema 1994; $5.+

Punisher War Zone #86 Suicide Run, Part 3, 
Metalic Glossy cover Direct 1994 $5.+

Graphic Novel:   Return To Big Nothing:  Zeck 
some stains and slight wear but looks nice and all are complete $20 (Issued at 
$12.95, 1989, 1st printing). Larger book GN.

STRIP Oct. 1990 from England $3.50 large 
Mag size.

Video of the First

 PUNISHER Film the rare on unopened $75   :)(What I paid eek)

Opened un-rare one: $15.00 watched once.

Old Punisher Invades NAM in issue #53 $3.00 NM

Punisher Rampage Double Edge Shiny Embossed 

covers both front and back wraparound 1995 #1 ALPHA $20.

Punisher War Journal #7 vs Wolverine $15.

DareDevil #183 NM Punisher $6.00

checks, money orders OK and PAYPAL selling comics and art for 43 years; need a certain # or quantity contact me: inquire about my last WRIGHTSON Original Art Page with Punisher!

WOLVERINE & Punisher comics (all for sale in stock now):


  see more punisher comics below.  Click images.    BACK ISSUES FOR SALE, now!

wolverine comics 

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Wolverine and the Punisher (Later series)

#1 NM      
#2 NM      
#3 NM      
ask about marvel comics presents with WOLVERINE I have 

300+ issues in MINT

Also available are Punisher War Journal and other related Punisher and Wolverine comics and crossovers.










and many more. click images to see larger.  Buy them I have them all right now.






Many  more available.  Inquire. Click images all over most should open larger.

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