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modern Superman Comics Available

Superman #132 Poor/Fair chunks and pieces out of front cover and no back cover    
Superman #143 AG strange wear and cut Bizarro Meets Frankenstein  
Superman #157 VG+/Fine    
Superman #164 Stains wear chip AG/G    
Superman #166 Poor/Fair rip in cover lower half of cover torn at spine, has back cover and gloss and color are good,  Brainiac & Luthor  
 Superman #169 G aprox Bizzarro  
Superman #170 FINE +  Imaginary Story   
Superman #171 G wear at spine The Nightmare Ordeal of Superman  
Superman #171 1964 -- has 3 extra rusty unnecessary staples G/VG- grade range, w.d., writing top back cover faded; 1st printing 1st series The Nightmare Ordeal of Superman $17.00
Superman #172 VG++    
  superman comics doomsday death of superman comic books 

video of newer ones

Superman #174 bottom right cover and comic wear G+/VG-looks nice Clark Kent's incredible delusion  
Superman #175 G+/VG- general wear Lex Luthor Kent  
Superman #179 VF+    
Superman #179 VG+/Fine    
Superman #179 VF    
Superman #180 VF little wear at small section of spine, hard to notice    
Superman #180 VF some slight indentation next to spine    
Superman #181 1965  about g spine has problems not attached to cover, wear, bends, grease pencil, w.d., complete (all there); insides tight; obo Future Superman of 2965 $10.00
Superman #182 Fine++    
Superman #182 VF    
Superman #182 VG wear    
Superman #183   chips or piece out  corner along edge  right top cover G/VG- nice gloss and color    
Superman #184 Fine - (wear lower right edge cover and some stress lower spine).    
Superman #184 VF    
Superman #184 VG+/Fine or better    
Superman #185 VF+    
Superman #185 VF    
Superman #186 VF-    
Superman #188 VG/+    
Superman #188 Fine or better  small circle rubber stamp ink on front cover also a scratch over the price) otherwise awesome   ask for a price email me :)
Superman #189 1966 bend VG++/Fine    
Superman #189 NM    
Superman #190 Fine/+ The Element Enemies  
Superman #190 G lots of pen scribbles, wear    
Superman #191 VG+/F ask for details  
Superman #195 Fine+    
Superman #195 Fine aprox wqear bottom cover plus date stamp    
Superman #198 VF    
Superman #198 1967 approximately Fine, tight, bends, nice gloss and color Value $20.00-$50.00 aprox in last Overstreet comic book price guide   $30.00
Superman #200 fair+/almost-good range (ag) Wear at spine, will add image    
Superman #200 wear at lower spine G    
Superman #203 Fine    
Superman #205 VG/Fine- bend, small chip out top left of cover, grease pencil    
Superman #206 Fine Adams Cover    
Superman #206 VG+    
Superman #209 Fine+    
Superman #210 Fine little grease pencil    
Superman #211 VG    
Superman #214 VF lower bottom cover bend Adams Cover I think  
Superman #215 1969 Neal Adams Cover VG+/Fine Variety of art and stories $15.-$36. value range grease oencil, bends, otherwise tight. Imaginary Death of Lois Lane $25.00
Superman #218

1969 Very nice gloss and color, lower staple loose otherwise high grade; Value $12.-$29.00 in last years (2005) Overstreet comic price guide.  ok to make offers. Fine-/Fine

Mr. Mxyzptlk $25.00
Superman #219 VF    
Superman #219 VF-/VF    
Superman #224  


Superman #228 Fine/+ or better Execution Planet  
Superman #228 tiny bottom right corner chip Fine- yet tight and may be higher grade "  
Superman #229 About FIne    
Superman #229 Fine or better    
Superman #230 2 small chips lower cover  otherwise Fine+    
Superman #240 Fine+ Adams cover    



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