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All prices are in flux; make offers. 11-2015 Please inquire.

Amazing Spiderman 

Comics for sale. (click my homepage, and images below as well as the new video link).  


Prices may be more or less.  Please inquire.  All of  these comics are here and do exist -- some are in multiples and in a variety of grades and prices. 

 I have these comics available right now.  Feel free to order them directly from me.  Just add insurance and shipping.  Contact me for help.  

BUY A FEW: Will mail them all at same time.

Thanks, Rob G. 

I welcome all questions.

The Overstreet GUIDE  is an important reference tool -- Comics sometimes go for half and sometimes 2-10 times higher at shows and shops and via the internet.  Plus grading could result in greater value

Amazing Fantasy #15 went for 1.1 Million Dollars couple years ago.  

PMC, Overstreet, Ebay + 47 years experience helped me determine price and grade for these comics. 

All issues are complete.  Ask for better newer images.

Amazing Spider-man

Sorry links do not work ask for a scan Some small pictures added below are the item.  Click them.

Amazing Spider-man #1 VG/+ $5400.00 

Ditko see the video at urmzogna on youtube. Sold.


Amazing Spider-man #5   VG / Fine range (VG+ probably or better)   A Steve Ditko work of art; original 1st print, 1st series!  OLD RARE.  Complete, MARVEL Comics;  Doctor Doom; Splash looks a little dirty.  Chips,  wear.  Nice Gloss and color cover appearance nice.  Issued:  1963.  Some Yellowing.  Full color.  $1500


Amazing Spider-man #10  VF range "The Enforcers."  Issues 1-38 are illustrated entirely by the magnificient co-creator Steve Ditko)!  (More illusive than Dr. Strange).  Marvel comic book.    Wear:  Couple minor smudges;  Small tear, chip, looks nice; good gloss and color; back cover has date stamp; Staples are in tight, complete; ORIGINAL 1st print and 1st series!   Issued:  1963 This ad is for issue #10 of Amazing Spider-man. Spiderman comics art hot, here comes a new Spider-man film!  $950.00

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #13 STEVE DITKO 1st printing and very 1st series (not counting Amazing Fantasy). Amazing Spider-man #13  Fine  Mysterio, Steve Ditko art throughout the whole issue, tight, some yellowing, some wear in black at spine but not that bad.  1964 High Grade; Nice luster and shine great vibrant color.   Sold I think.

Amazing Spider-man # 17  F/VF  $350.00 click for details; Nice, Green Goblin, Silver Age, Steve Ditko.  Probably sold.

inquire for more scans of other copies

Amazing Spider-man # 18  Fine to Very Fine range but there are 2 extra unnecessary staples and unneeded tape on spine, otherwise high grade.)  Staples and tape probably can be removed professionally; currently $750. in NM) Appearance is VF or better.  Steve Ditko and Spider-man are hot.  Watch for the new film. 1st print 1st series All Ditko Art -- every panel a work of art!  My price is $300. due to the tape.  Wonderful gloss and color.  Original staples in tight and perfectly! 

Amazing Spider-man #18  From My personal collection!  Sandman NM (range) VF+ at worst.  Very very high grade nice. Tiny bit of wear bottom cover at edge) but has  super tight,   vivid new like luster &  color. (Could be valued at (and easily sell for) three times this Overstreet price).    Steve Ditko artwork.  Using Overstreet.  Check out a Wizard too.  Offering at what I am willing to sell it at.  Some yellowing.  Some minor wrinkling.  Staples in strong no tears or rips. Complete. 1st print 1st series ORIGINAL!  All DITKO!  Sales as is final.  Tight.  $698.00

Amazing Spider-man #19  VG/F  $120.00 yellowing wear, nice gloss and color; Sandman, Human Torch, Evil Enforcers.  Small stain bottom right cover; great Steve Ditko.

Amazing Spiderman #20 1st series 1st print Great Comic Book G/VG rolled spine, bends, complete; Lee, The Scorpion!  Marvel Comics.  Wear.  1st Scorpion and Origin.   Entirely by Steve Ditko -- quality detailed artwork.  An old Jan. 1965   ORIGINAL! Tear in area where price is.  $70.00

Amazing Spider-man # 21 g/vg   
Marvel Comic Book! Original -- 1st series 1st print!  Human Torch and Beetle. Ditko outdoes himself in quality and craftsmanship. Nice gloss and color. Minor Wear right edge comic interior, bends, yellowing, chips;  Page (splash / 1 are partially detached--attached from top staple up).  Rubber Stamped once on right on cover.  Staples in tight. No repairs.  $100.00

Amazing Spider-man #21 Steve Ditko, Marvel, (splash/page 2 split to top staple) otherwise grade would be above Fine+; nice gloss and color on cover;  yellowing, great art and story. 1st print & 1st series -- Super Steve Ditko art -- Marvel comics.  Great comic book here comes the film again!  Complete.  Merry Marvel Marching Society ad.  $65.00

 Amazing Spider-man #24  G+/VG range  stains, yellowing.   Steve Ditko artwork. Cover detached but all pages complete, has cover just not attached to comic.  1st print 1st series $55.00

Amazing Spider-man #25  VG/++   $90.   Steve Ditko, Captured by J. Jonah Jameson, great gloss and color; wear, bends, scrape in logo, looks nice.  All comics on this page are from personal collection.  

Amazing Spider-man #28 VG+ $99.00 Great cover, Steve Ditko does all covers and contents in issues #1-38, Peter Parker's Graduation; "The MOLTEN MAN!" --one of my favorite storylines;  wear.  Date stamp slight.  Chips, yellowing.

Amazing Spider-man #29  VG+/Fine   "Never step on a Scorpion."  Nice gloss and color.  Steve Ditko.  1965.  Wear. Bends.  1st print 1st series Steve Ditko art Marvel comics.  Great comic book here comes the film again!  $100.00  

Amazing Spider-man #31  VG+ maybe Fine or better , has wear, yellowing few touches of brown not too bad. Thick comic book has great gloss and color.  Dramatic storyline. MARVEL COMICS Original!  ALL: Steve Ditko artwork.  1st print, 1st series 1966; Priced at what I am willing to sell it for.  Sold as is.  Complete.  $89.00

Amazing Spider-man #32  VG/+/F Inquire Steve Ditko; Minor wear, great gloss and color, small tear top left back cover.  Looks:  nice--about Fine.  Few wrinkles on cover in title story.  Wonderfully dramatic story.   Good to check out Wizard too. 

Amazing Spider-man #33  MARVEL COMICS Original! Fine/VF (with typical Marvel Chipping on right side of cover at edge) otherwise very very TIGHT!    "The Final Chapter."  Very dramatic wonderful storyline -- riveting.  Steve Ditko -- culmination of powerful continuing storyline (used since in countless films and TV episodes).  Otherwise without the chipping looks ExFine/NM; Grade may be a strong Fine or better, few other dings at spine.    1966. Pencil bottom margin splash.   Steve Ditko artwork.  1st print, 1st series, ENTIRELY by Steve DITKO! Little yellowing.  Supple pages.  Back cover is mostly white.  Staples are in tight.  $119.00

Amazing Spider-man #34   F/VF+   $150.00  Kraven the Hunter; Steve Ditko, bend minor wear.  Personal collection.  Looks nice.  Clean.  Wonderful gloss and color.

Amazing Spider-man #35 vg/+ could be Fine or better!  Inquire  sale tiny tear bottom of cover, stress lines too, wear at spine -- breaks, Steve Ditko, pretty tight.  Probably better than VG.   Excellent gloss and color.  Personal collection.    Steve Ditko artwork.  1st print, 1st series, ENTIRELY DITKO! Little yellowing.  Supple pages.  Molten Man.  $75.

Amazing Spider-man #35  Someone long ago (amateur restoration -- but not too bad) touched up the spine and parts of the cover in black and the black bled through, wear, nice gloss and color, looks great; ALL Ditko art.  Priced at what I am willing to sell it for. Ad is for this one comic book.  NEW Spider-man film is here.  1st print 1st series.  Nice gloss and color. Small stain back cover, complete, nothing cut , staples in great.  VG or better.  $85.

Amazing Spider-man  #37 Steve Ditko "Once Upon A Time..There Was A Robot."  VG/+ Wear, Nice gloss and color. Complete.  First printing.  Inquire

Amazing Spider-man #38  Fine/VeryFine+range  Steve Ditko's last work on the Amazing  Spider-man (The first series ever!  1st printing!).  Looks NM except for minor wear and a little yellowing/tanning -- still supple, bends -- small -- corner.   Excellent investment -- watch for the new film.  Tight, complete. Looks nice.  Great gloss and color. Complete.  This comic book has great gloss and color.  Dramatic storyline. MARVEL COMICS Original!  ALL: Steve Ditko artwork.  1st print, 1st series!
This Original was issued  in 1966; Priced at what I am willing to sell it for, I use Overstreet.  Sold as is all sales final.  Complete.    "Just a Guy Named Joe!" NOT a reprint...this is an Original!  Small bends lower right corner, minor.  $125.00

Amazing Spider-man Annual #2 vg+/Fine or better;   Steve Ditko Masterpiece with Dr. Strange!  Double the pages.  Looks nice.  Great Gloss and color. NFS

Amazing Spider-man # 47  VF range looks really nice Kraven the Hunter!  Small chip bottom of cover.  John Romita is incredibly hot -- great art!  Tight.  Swell  gloss and vivid color.  Other wear, bottom of comic and right edge of comic tiny wear; but looks beautiful.  Looks almost NM.  Yellowing. $220  SOLD

Amazing Spider-man #57  looks VF/NM  grade is about Fine or VF. (There is a stain seen from back cover). Great comic book!  LOOKS REALLY SHARP super great luster and color. (Looking at front cover).Issued by Marvel 1968 "The Power of Kazar."  John Romita artwork.   I use Overstreet, check out a Wizard too.  1st print 1st series. Wear is minor. Marvel comics are great. Spiderman rocks.

Amazing Spider-man #66  VF/NM-   $40.00  "Madness of Mysterio."  John Romita art HOT! Wear -- very minor, tiny bend.




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Amazing Spider-man

Spider-man and Dr. Strange are Copyright 2001, 2004  Marvel Comics; these designs are by Rob Gustaveson Copyright 2001, 2015 Rob Gustaveson Spider-man illustration was by Steve Ditko originally; an illustration on a wall for my shop of Dr. Strange's anti evil eye hand was a full color mural on the wall at Ninth Nebula -- the comic book store I once owned  in North Hollywood, CA 1986--1996.

Currently buying Steve Ditko Original art; Golden Age and Silver Age Super Hero comics -- sought..

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References, been grading comics for over 47 years (I'm an expert in comics from 1961 to 1996, plus some from the 1940's and 1950's)). Done mail order for 46+ years!

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Amazing Spider-man

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