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Updated 2-13-18

Please Scroll Down to see links to tons of great back issue Comics including:

 *X-men, Fantastic Four, Spider-man, Hulk, Iron Man, Sub-Mariner, Tales To Astonish, Tales Of Suspense, Journey Into Mystery, Thor, Capt. America, Warlock, and other Marvel Comics

 *Here you will find videos of comics for sale, links of pages of Marvel Comics.  Articles, features,  and more.  

* It is all available directly from me including these titles, artists and features:  Conan, Defenders, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Barry Windsor Smith,  Al Williamson, Alan Moore, Stan Lee, Len Wein, Gerry Conway,

*Wolverine, Punisher, Machine Man, Sgt. Fury, Misc. Comic Magazines, Venom, Silver Surfer, SHIELD, Ghost Rider, Iron Fist, Spider-Woman, Star Trek, X-Factor, Star Wars, Dr. Strange, Avengers and much much more.   Let's deal.

*See the links and videos  then buy back issue Marvel Comics from me. Back Issues for sale from (1940's, 1950's & 1960's -- 1996+ (til present 2018).  

*I accept Paypal.  Am verified.

On Ebay over 18 years as graphic-illusion

Selling comics and art for over 51 years.

       ORIGINAL COMIC ART      DC      EC-Comics  


This link leads to my comic videos of Marvels (videos of some of my comics for sale right now). Or just click links for a sampling of my comics, art, fanzines, non sport cards etc..


   Venom Comics back issues silver surfer comics graphic illusion part 2 silver surfer comics graphic illusion1a  



Hi. Welcome to Graphic Illusion comics books and art..  

I am a collector and former comic store owner.  My homepage is

This page  is mostly Marvel related.  See bottom for phone, address, email and contact information.


--  Marvel's greatest comics magazine 

with the best talent of all time

Scroll down for more Marvel items and features.

Newest link with cover images of actual items I have for sale.  Have more unlisted too.

Amazing Adventures (Marvel)





See Timely Comics for the Earliest Marvels:  

Golden Age Comics  and others FOR SALE Click links & vids.


avengers comics graphic illusion1a

a9.jpg image by comiczar

Avengers (link)







DREADSTAR COMICS Jim Starlin +++Epic/Marvel

Fantastic Four


Fantasic Four Silver Age part 2 other Silver age Marvels




rare Fantastic Four comics Silver Age Marvel JACK KIRBY

Ghost Rider 

WARLOCK / Guardians of the Galaxy (Click Warlock) NEW !)


COMICS for sale from Rob  2536323175



im1.jpg image by comiczar  

Iron Man (new)  click you-tube video to see covers


silver age  

IRON MAN and Capt. America 


 photo thor1.jpg


THOR  silver age (click link above)

(See more Thor videos below)


Jack Kirby


Ka-Zar (Marvel)


Machine Man


Magazines  Comic Related new see images (more on ebay and some unlisted inquire). Mag-size.




Cage / Power Man- Ironfist-Comics




Sgt. Fury



Star Wars comic books vid



Strange-Tales-Comics- 4 sale


Amazing Spider-man silver age  Ditko Art   


Amazing Spider-man   modern comics


Venom_comics_for_sale (Spider-man's Nemesis) (Spider-man's Nemesis) 6/08


Find links on homepage where I shall add new videos.

Venom Comics back issues


Deadpool I have many X-force #2 for sale

(2nd Deadpool, new film coming again)..

And the 3rd Appearance is available too, ask.  

X-Force #1 sale $2.00

#2 $5


toa004.jpg image by comiczar hothulk.jpg image by comiczar


HULK / Submariner  --  silver age comics


Hulk-comics modern, bronze






silver age just updated;


Silver Surfer modern 





silver age + Byrne & modern age  


Uncanny x-men 

 modern sale now make offers



wolverine_comics.htm *


wolverine marvel comics presents more


See X-Factor Video below



 photo x198.jpg


More Marvel's are unlisted please inquire.  


This page contains old and new Silver Age Bronze and Modern Marvel Comics.


     VIDEOS below:





Avengers Annual 7 Jim Starlin art

epic magazine from Marvel 


strange tales #135 1st SHIELD Narvel

Warlock 15 Jim Starlin art high grade 










Strange-Tales-Comics- 4 sale 

me silver age 

Dr. Strange, Human Torch/Thing,  S.H.I.E.L.D.

rare Silver Age Marvel Comics DITKO Strange Tales Gold rare modern too


Ditko, Kirby, Stan Lee ,


and more.

Most of my comics are unlisted. 





Star-Wars-collection   bronze age  comic books and posters

Sgt. Fury (See Shield and Capt. America) 

  I have Sgt. Fury #1, too, at the moment.


Jack Kirby  Comics:   

 dc,  marvel,  pacific: Silver Age + Bronze Age

(see FF thor New Gods and hundreds of other titles I may have but are not yet listed, inquire)


click  links





X-men  silver age + Byrne & modern age  

Uncanny x-men  modern sale now make offers

Wolverine_X  much more unlisted  

  for sale



portfolios-comic-book-and-science fiction-artwork


comic_books Stan Lee Marvel Article

ms marvel + Shogun Warriors comics

Amazing Adventures comics

thor comic books part 3 old comics high grade from


Videos of my Silver Age and Bronze Marvel comics for sale:



a few videos of my Marvel comics above

 More at URMZOGNA at youtube

"What If" and "What The" a sampling comic books
defenders part 3 comics I have in my collection
wolverine comics
new mutants comics marvel
SALE NOW, inquire
spider-woman comics Marvel

Jack Kirby art in DC MARVEL PACIFIC misc. comicsEven if it looks like a different company it could still have Marvel...too.

Avengers X-men Original Comic ArtClick it all
x-men comics a
wolverine 2 comics for sale graphic-illusion on ebay

videos to watch just 2 a day that's all we ask :) inquire for more.

Wolverine 3 (X-men) graphic-illusion on ebay


COMICS for sale:


wolverine in marvel comics presents


powerman and iron fist comics



spiderman comics










avengers comics











iron man


Defenders 1 Marvel comics



thor part 1


X-Factor (original X-men) Wolverine




x factor 1b




X-men comics with Wolverine a collectible sampler



thor comic part 1b great old marvel comic books


Marvel 2 'n One and Marvel Team-up comics
defenders 2
X-factor 1a comics the original X-men characters
Golden Age and Silver Age Spider man Comics For Sale +
rare Silver Age Marvel Comics DITKO Strange Tales Gold rare modern too
warlock comics
great silver age marvel comics
deluxe comics DC MARVEL etc.




















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MySkype Phone is:  RobG13 direct # is 1-541-359-3674 dial area code 

11 a.m. -10 p.m.

Email is preferred

CELL is 253-632-3175 Phones do not always work so please leave a message or try the other one.  I live in the boonies.




Email me:


Rob Gustaveson

P.O. Box 1261

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Shipping for the 1st 1-4 comics is $3.99 and I cover the rest of the cost.  First class  mailed in 1-3 days well protected!



     I accept Checks, money orders and Paypal (for credit cards). Inquire for shipping / Ins.  Sorry no cash through mail.  In Person OK.  You cover shipping and Ins. unless we make a deal otherwise. 

Buying all comic art & many old comics now. 


Visit for original comic art, Silver Age DC comics, EC, Golden Age, Big Little Books, Tower, Charlton, Dell, Disney, Gold Key, Pulps, Coca Cola Trays, Magazines, Books, New Age material, Jewelry etc.  


This is page 2 of 4 main pages and 100 subpages of titles of my comics for sale.

Here is my article on Dr. Strange by me 


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