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Yoga Journal May / June 1989 Esalen's Michael Murphy Yoga, caring for Aids Babies Healing the Wounds of Technology, Chinese yoga $9.00
Yoga Journal July / Aug 1990 Stan Grof Cover Altered States revisited, Charles Tart $15.00
Yoga Journal May/June 1976  Swami Satchidananda Man of Peace Yoga

Muktananda, Hatha Yoga, Krishnamurte, Kundalini, Milk does every body need it? $40.00

Yoga Journal Jan / Feb 1979  Rajneesh Iyengar Aphorisms, Kundalini & Christian Mysticism, Chi: Breath Energy $24.95
New Sun Vol 2 #10 November  1978

Werner Erhard, George Leonard

Stewart Emery $25.00 obo/bid
The New Sun June 1977 Dick Gregory Hilda, Muller, Mundt $25.00
The New Sun Dec 1976 Vol 1 #1 Hilda, Arica, Atlantis, Diet This issue is a newspaper, one layer $20.00
The New Sun Sept. 1977 Satchidananda   $19.95
The New Sun April 1978 George McGovern & Dick Gregory Jerry Rubin (He's dead) Ken Keyes; Macrobiotic $25.00
The New Sun 1977 Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais Ira Progoff Master Hilarion through Hilda $19.99
The New Sun Feb 1978 Michio Kushi Macrobiotics & City Life Handwriting Analysis Niyananda; Child Within workshop with Dan Casriel $15.95
The New Sun Jan 1978 Leonard Orr Shaitsu, Findhorn, Nathaniel Branden, Chakra Psychology, Self Esteem, Nityananda $20.00
New Sun Oct 1977 Steven Gaskin Wholistic health Line Albert Ellis, Power of Thought Hilda, more $25.00
Wings #1 sold $35  

Meditation Vol 2 #1 Ram Dass, Al Huang, John Price 1986 $15.00
New Directions #23  Steve Gaskin Tai Chi Baba Hari Dass Silence speaks;

Rainbow Festival $20.00



New Age Journal SOLD April 1976 Allen Ginsberg Int. J.G. Bennett Tibetan Buddhism, Rollin Thunder, politics, poetry, the Future of America $19.95 Just sold 3-03
New Age Journal #5 (1975)

Some writing within

 Beyond Duality, Jerry Garcia Interview, Baba Muktananda Jerusalem, Wizard King Meets Elf King by Paul Hawken? Wilheim Reich's research center; J Krishnamurte $24.95
The New Age Journal Some great art within Rowena Pattee; Sept. 1975 Werner Erhard, est

Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche, Solzhenitsyn., Great content and context, some water damage;

Meditation without frills:  Vipassana; NAJ takes est.  Hypnotic Chi cover!  Great T-Shirt idea  $45.
New Age Journal Sept 1976 Madame Blavatsky Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Peace Plan. $15.00
New Age Journal June 1976 Jerry Brown for Prez, Muktananda Joseph Goldstein

Interview with John Lilly $25.

New Age Journal 1975 Jerry Brown Tibetan Lamas in No. America

coop crisis, spirituality and fascism, mirabel, sam lovejoy, $20.

New Age Journal Nov 1976 Roots of Reggae Space Colonies $25.00
New Age Journal Oct 1976 Nukes, est, sufis Chinese discovery of America $19.95
New Age Journal 1976 Jerry Rubin TM $15.95
New Journal Vol. 1 #1 (Actually 1st New Age Journal) Crack In the Cosmic Egg $50.00
New Age Journal Vol. 1 #2 Dealing with Money     $45.00
        group sale
Be Here Now by Baba Ram Dass


used, complete

Nothing Is So Powerful As An Idea Whose Time Has Come -- The Hunger Project An Idea Whose Time Has Come Powerful Item

by Werner Erhard, Buckminster Fuller and others

You make the Difference 1977

George Leonard Intro

New Times Sept 1978 Ram Dass  


The Movement Newspaper  Vol IV #4 Ram Dass Interview Part 2   $12.00
Mother Jones Dec. 1978 Let them Eat est (Not my editorial) $19.95
Los Angeles Time Magazine Sept 1987 Shirley MacLaine's Mysticism For The Masses   $15.00

Om Peace Amen   Love Light Truth (Use as seed thought or mantra): "For the Perfection I see In You I Praise You And Bless You." -- Master Hilarion

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