What is God's Will?

Before all actions ask yourself what is "God's will" for you in this moment.

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Learn How To Meditate


--By Rob Gustaveson

Advanced Preparation For This Beginning Meditation

Enter this moment with an open mind and heart.


The Purpose of Meditation is God Contact!  

Come back when ready--suffer less, give up fear, evolve, remember, learn. (You don't have to BELIEVE in God to do this technique).

Refrain from red meat and pork.  Try to cut down on dairy and all meat.  Do not smoke anything for several weeks or do alcohol or drugs if you are serious about learning to meditate.  

Strict vegetarianism will facilitate this process (this is not a requirement but is strongly suggested). Think auruvedic.  Do not combine meditations.  Don't do while driving.  

If you know Yoga or how to stretch -- do a few moves you love slowly and consciously (such as the "Sun Salute" prior to beginning)   

Take a breath.

Ok now unplug your phone, turn off your beeper and disconnect all electrical devices that could interfere with your-time: the next hour, lock your door, hit the restroom, loosen the top button on your pants... Take a breath. 

Find a place where you live that you will not be disturbed and where you can regularly do this. Get comfortable (shoes off, sit on a wool blanket facing East or North.   

Slowly exhale all the air in your lungs and then observe your lungs as they refill on their own. 

Shut your eyes (you might read through this easy Meditation a few times.  Or even tape record it and listen to it while you do it for the first few times until you learn it).  Make time for God now.  You will always be busy...do this now for yourself and for humanity!

Meditation is silence, stillness, attunement to God.

Meditation is the actual knowing not as a theory or belief -- but an actual experience of God -- a knowing.  God is ever present--all around and through our very being.  There is no separation.  There is oneness.  The Kingdom of Heaven IS within you (and all around you). 

Remember even Science thinks now of the atom as being Light!  God is Light!  All is God.

Your attention should be 100% focused on God and the starting point for that is in front of your forehead between your eyebrows (actually about 3 inches in front of your forehead). 

Start by sitting on the floor reach down your leg (first to the left leg (take your time) and then to the right leg (slowly stretch with consciousness) -- then reach toward both legs at the same time grabbing wherever it feels right to you -- not forcing or to the point of pain. (If you feel emotion such as sadness do not hold back.  Let yourself go for a few minutes.)  Then relax.  Breath.   

Consciousness IS Soul.  You are Soul.

Keep your attention in front of your physical forehead.

Meditation Technique

"Your Soul is ever one with Spirit."


Part One

     Exhale all the air in your lungs.

Take a deep deep breath through your nose.  Hold it.  Exhale. Do this ten times. 

 (Hold a count of 10  ((whatever you can do comfortably)) or more -- equal inhale, equal hold and equal exhale).

 * Hold a seed thought in your mind (ok to make one up)

"I love you God" 


"I am That I am" 


"I and my Father are One!" 



Relax your toes and feet. 

Relax your lower legs and upper legs.

Relax your thighs & butt.

Relax your  stomach muscles.

Relax your chest and back (lower, middle and upper)

Relax your arms and hands and fingers.

(Take your time, breathe fully).

Relax your shoulders and neck muscles.

Relax your face and the muscles behind your eyes.

Relax your forehead and scalp and ears & temples.

Now, Allow a feeling of well being to permeate 

your entire physical organism.

Silently sound an om using your throat muscles.

Notice if your stomach or some part of your body is still tight.  Relax that part.  Take a deep breath.


See your emotions as a quiet pool of water.

Remember Thou Art Soul ever connected to Spirit Divine.
We are all children of God made in his image and likeness (at Soul level).
We are never separate from Him except by our own conscious or unconscious choice(s).

(And even then it is God in which we Live and Move and have our very being).

You have the right to be here.

Allow your emotions to quiet down. They are calming, relaxing. Letting go of the day -- of the week.   The  past and future do not exist here.  All is now.   Have your attention in the area of your forehead.  (Try to see or feel a small golden sun -- the Christ Consciousness center there aka Ajna).  Notice if you are breathing. 

See your emotions as a quiet pool of water.

Just witness them.
(Consciously choose to listen to God).

Silently sound an om using just your throat muscles.


Watch every thought, word and action in your daily living.  Watch every reaction within yourself. 

Now watch your thoughts.

Allow your thoughts to quiet down. Your mind is quieting down.

Your thoughts are quieting down.  Allow your thoughts to cease

Just witness them. If they are there accept them. Relax. Breath.

Silently sound an om using your throat muscles.

Simple Meditation Technique 

Continues Part One - B:

Now pay attention to the point between the eyebrows
(a little higher--about 1-3 inches in front of your physical forehead). It is known as the Ajna  center* or the Christ Consciousness center -- point of will.

Christ-ness is your potentiality.  One of the main
reasons we are here & incarnate over and over again on Earth until enlightenment is reached.

The word Ajna is short for Arjuna -- Arjuna was a disciple of Krishna (The Hindu Christ who came 5000 years prior to Jesus Christ).

Put your attention there at Ajna.  Exhale all the air in your lungs slowly. Now inhale slowly through your nose with your attention and eyes focused upwardly -- but not to the point of strain. (Practice this having your eyes in an upward direction to the Christ Consciousness center often as you can for the next six months while your deeper connection is being built). 

Do the seed thought and breathing with your attention here at the Christ Consciousness center.

"I am the soul here and now, I am that I am."

In the course of your day whenever needed say silently or aloud as often as you wish:   

"Persona get thee behind me I the soul shall lead."   

One is not the body, emotion or the mind.  One is the Soul ever connected to Spirit. There is no separation.

God is Love and Light.  Thou art that.


Now move 

your body,


and mind

into the small unit in front of your physical forehead

called the ajna center. 

And silently sound an OM uniting them into one unit

receptive to the overshadowing spiritual soul.

(Use your throat muscles as you silently sound an om with your attention in front of your forehead--your eyes in a slightly upward direction).

Ajna (also known as the Christ Consciousness center)  is the sixth chakra. 

This is your point of reference from now on--whenever possible throughout the day. 

Pull here wherever you go whatever you do (continuously)--throughout your day.  The Christ Consciousness center is the switchboard for all the chakras from heart down (in vibration) (heart is actually higher in vibration than Throat for example.

Knowing God and serving God and his creation is this path.

The path of wisdom. It involves much much more. 

Fear Not.  "Spirit Is Truth."  God is Love.

"Love is an act of Will!"

Take a slow breath--fully empty your lungs then refill them.

Now breathing with your attention focused at Ajna think of the creator  

put your attention over and over again back at the ajna center.  

Send Him your love and feel thankful for all you've been given.  And are. 

Send that Love to your own family whether within incarnation or not. Take a few minutes. 

Now send that love to your friends.  Your attention is at Ajna. 

This love is being sent like a pebble being tossed into a still lake. 

Don't go with the ripples -- stay focused at the ajna center allowing the ripples (of love) 

to go outward to your family 

and friends 

and so called enemies 

and outward to humanity 

(and all the Countries in this world).  

Finally allowing (sending / receiving)  God's Love and Light to pour through your own mind 

and emotional body 

and physical body 

outward to all humanity and all the kingdoms of nature.   

Remaining at ajna being receptive to God's will and energies -- doing nothing but allowing his Love and Light to pour down to and through you (outward via ajna).  

Now sound an Om.

Three times aloud.

~om peace amen~

End of formal beginning to a particular type of meditation.

Will to Love even when difficult.

Where more people meditate crime falls.  Health improves

*** This is the highest form of service to humanity. ***

Meditate alone and in groups. (Service projects to others for God)--at noon and midnight are great times (other great times: NOW, before eating, before anything, after yoga and tai chi; at 6 a.m. at 6 p.m. and when everyone else is asleep! 

Share with me your experiences and I'll continue offering more material when you ask.  Free.  Intent:  To empower & to free & to serve.

When John said:  "I die daily" he was speaking of a particular  form of Meditation***.  

Love, Light & peace to you! 

Rob Gustaveson   

P.S. We are born in innocence and we die in purity. 

Fear not for all is illusion.

God is Love and Love is the foundation of all that is.

I practiced this meditation for 10 years and it went much deeper.

My teacher Georgia Lambert was the 1st person licensed by the State of California to teach Meditation/Esoteric Disciplines.

I took a number of her teacher training courses.

There are many wonderful paths that work. I love them all.

Including Sufi Dancing.  Yoga is real meditation too. I choose to just do one path though.

God Bless. 

Note:  I have found the "Spirit" (of God) in many churches and in nature -- no one has a monopoly on Truth! Live the heart of your religion.  Live your path fully.

This week and year use the breath and seed thought.  

See how many times you react (tighten your stomach, judge etc.) and if you can pay attention to these reactions non judgmentally. Do they serve you. Keep your attention in the small golden sun located three inches in front of your physical forehead. Ajna/will center/Christ Consciousness center.

Even if you don't see or feel anything there keep meditating & keep your attention on ajna all the time. God. Love. Light.

Om Peace Amen.

We are at the beginning.


Meditate For Health: 

For your physical body,

emotional body (astral),

mental body & your etheric body!



P.S.   You are not the body

you are the immortal soul.

The Soul is Everywhere Equally Present.


Meditation moves you beyond duality.


Seek the teacher within you.


ęCopyright 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2018 Gustaveson

"Love Comes In Many Forms." --RG

"God Is Love."

Note so you can be aided please email me to let me know you are studying these teachings.  Thanks.


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My path is different now.  But I see value in this meditation focus I have shared.  I did not originate it. 



This was a beginning there is much more material.  Inquire.




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