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 Jack Kirby






Back Issue Jack Kirby COMIC BOOKS For sale !

Some of these comics are Bronze or Silver Age comics (the most sought after).  All are 1st printings and 1st series except Boy Commandos (which is a reprint title).  These comics are from DC comics and Marvel comics.


Many were originally puchased by me when issued and thus preserved in a cool dark dry closet bagged and boarded ever since.  High Grade.  Buy them and PMC will grade them for you for free.


Prices upon request.  (Why no prices?  Because they are in flux like the stock market).  Ask.  I am always willing to give you a great deal.  Trades possible too.


Remember Kirby is the co-creator of Fantastic Four, Thor, Capt. America, Hulk and much more at Marvel.  His work is also renowned at DC, PC and many companies.  His popularity is still off the scale.  There is a reason they called him the KING!  Original innovation unsurpassed.  


Jack Kirby's work was foundational for many many comic artists who built on what he originated.  Buy one or all.   -- Rob Gustaveson 


All these comics contain art by Jack Kirby



See the video for a quick sample.

DC and Marvel

All comics on this page are by 

Jack Kirby!

Just 1 copy of each is available unless otherwise indicated by an image or #.

* most are:  unread  *  unopened   *  high grade condition *

Jimmy Olsen -- Superman's Pal





Jimmy Olsen -- Superman's Pal #138

Jack Kirby Art; Photo Cover

Very Fine



Jimmy Olsen -- Superman's Pal #141

Jack Kirby Art, Don Rickles






KAMANDI         DC
Kamandi #1


not mint


Kamandi #2 Jack Kirby art  Fine or better    
Kamandi #8 Jack Kirby art VG+      

Kamandi #9

Jack Kirby art High Grade     
Kamandi #13 Jack Kirby art   NM Images are of actual items. 
FOREVER PEOPLE   1st series     DC Comics
    1st prints    1971  
Forever People #1 Kirby    NM  inquire  
Forever People #2 Jack Kirby Art    


Some of cover has wrinkles due to liquid yet looks high grade.  VG / + or better range.  Looks VF circa 1971 1st print and 1st series! Entirely by Jack Kirby.  I have more copies in different condtions.

Forever People #3

Jack Kirby art throughout   ask for price and grade and image

 Forever People #3

all by Jack Kirby Art "   NM  
Forever People #3 Jack Kirby Art NM  

DC COMICS.  1st print and 1st series.


Circa 1971.  Series overall in some ways may connect to New Gods, Mr. Miracle, Jimmy Olsen etc.)
Kirby Photo cover; 
Cover + Interior written and drawn by Kirby at his peak.  This was just after he left Marvel. Three more copies in different conditions available.

Forever People #6 Jack Kirby Art VF-

some wrinkles



Forever People #8   NM Jack Kirby Art    
Forever People #11   NM  Jack Kirby Art  

All Jack Kirby DC circa 1971

Forever People #11 2-4 copies NM Jack Kirby Art 

Bought several when issued NM/M+ Pristine

High Grade
DEMON         DC
DEMON #4  Jack Kirby NM    

one bend

Demon #13

Jack Kirby Art




New Gods  1st series 1971     DC
New Gods #1 Jack Kirby 1st series VF  



Top of spine is cut cleanly (all there) staple pulling still high grade!

New Gods #3 Jack Kirby Art      
New Gods #3 Jack Kirby Art     ask for more scans  
New Gods #7 " all by Kirby: words and art   Jack Kirby Art
New Gods #11 One of my earliest investments as a kid NM+  Jack Kirby Art    
New Gods #11   NM  Jack Kirby Art    
2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY         Marvel
2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY #1 Jack Kirby Art NM/MINT      
#1 Jack Kirby Art Slight wear Still Fine or better    have several in differing conditions.  


2 Jack Kirby Art VF  

4 Jack Kirby Art NM/Mint      
5 Jack Kirby Art NM/Mint    

6 Jack Kirby Art NM/Mint      
6 " "      
6 " "      
8 Jack Kirby Art NM/Mint      
8 Jack Kirby Art NM/M      
9 Jack Kirby Art NM/M    
Mr. Miracle         DC
Mr. Miracle #6 All Jack Kirby Art NM    




Mr. Miracle#10  Jack Kirby Art NM  


Mr. Miracle #11 Jack Kirby Art  NM    


Mr. Miracle #12 Jack Kirby Art  NM    


MAY HAVE #1 ask.
1st Issue Specials         DC
1st Issue Special #1 Featuring the character: ATLAS   NM  Jack Kirby Art    
1st Issue Special #5 MANHUNTER   FINE + or better Jack Kirby Art    DC
1st Issue Special #6 Dingbats   Fine  Jack Kirby Art    
      Jack Kirby Art  
#1   VF  Jack Kirby Art    
#2   VF      
Black Panther         Marvel
 #3   NM      
OMAC         DC
OMAC #1 Kirby Fine     DC
OMAC #1  own a few VF+ Jack Kirby Art    Ask me what the grade and price is.


OMAC #2 " NM-      
OMAC #3   NM Jack Kirby Art     
OMAC #3 " NM/pristine  Jack Kirby Art    
Omac #4     Jack Kirby Art  
OMAC #5   NM  Jack Kirby Art    
OMAC #7   NM  Jack Kirby Art    
OMAC #7 " 4 copies = 2 fine 2 VF+      
OMAC #8   VG+/Fine  Jack Kirby Art    
OMAC #8   VG      
SUPER POWERS Six Part Mini Series       DC
1  1st print and  NM  Jack Kirby Art   Please email me with questions.  I'll tell you the grade and price.  Shipping, tracked, sent via Priority Mail.. 
2  1985 NM      
2   NM    


4   NM    












SUPER POWERS 5 part mini series       DC
1-5 1st series  NM/MINT  

all look pristine

#3 1984    

If want to see larger let me know via email

#4 1984      
#5 1984      
Capt. Victory       Pacific  
Capt. Victory #1 Inquire may have a few  Jack Kirby Art  

$112.00 all prices are flexible.  Bigger purchases get bigger discounts.

Capt. Victory #2          

Capt. Victory #2



Jack Kirby Art   


Capt. Victory #3

Jack Kirby Art, HOT; 1ST mS mYSTIC BY nEAL aDAMS




Capt. Victory #4   NM Jack Kirby Art     
Capt. Victory #7   NM/M  Jack Kirby Art    
Capt. Victory #10   VF      
Capt. Victory #11   VF  Jack Kirby Art    
Capt. Victory  Special #1   NM/Mint     $5.00
Capt. Victory  Special #1 " " Jack Kirby Art    $5.00
DEVIL DINOSAUR         Marvel
#1 Kirby NM. Jack Kirby Art   


2   NM     $14
4   NM     $14
5   NM     $14
6   NM  Jack Kirby Art   $14
7   NM     $14
8   NM     $14
9 Kirby in all VF     $14.00

Silver Star

        PC Pacific Comics
Silver Star #1 Pure Jack Kirby art   Jack Kirby Art  ask for a price by email
#3     Jack Kirby Art  
#4     Jack Kirby Art  
#6     Jack Kirby Art  
The Eternals         Marvel
1 NM/M (Pristine)! Jack Kirby Art  Sold #1 (May have others will check upon request).   Note it takes me a week to find items sometimes.  Unless on auction where I know immediately where it is.  For more info email me


2 NM/M   Jack Kirby Art  
2 NM   Jack Kirby Art

2 NM   Jack Kirby Art  
3 good   Jack Kirby Art  
3 NM/M   Jack Kirby Art  
3 NM/Mint        
4 Fine or better   Jack Kirby Art  
5 vg   Jack Kirby Art  
5 NM   Jack Kirby Art  
5 NM   Jack Kirby Art  
6 NM   Jack Kirby Art  
        2 #6  
6 NM   Jack Kirby Art    
7 NM        
7 VF/NM   Jack Kirby Art

3 copies

7     Jack Kirby Art  
9 NM   Jack Kirby Art  
9 NM        
10 NM   Jack Kirby Art  




Jack Kirby Art










Jack Kirby Art







14 NM   Jack Kirby Art  
14 VG        


Fine range


 Jack Kirby Art  





Jack Kirby Art


19 VG        
19 NM   Jack Kirby Art  


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More outrageous JACK KIRBY COMICS in Thor,

 Fantastic Four, Captain America, Sgt. Fury, Hulk, Iron Man (Tales of Suspense) , Strange Tales, ATLAS COMICS,

and many other titles and companies.

Kirby influenced many comic artists and worked for many companies through many decades.

Some multiples may still be available.   I may have unlisted copies. 

Kirby would team up with Ditko, Wally Wood and others with good results.





 Still have all these comics.  They are for sale.