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Welcome.  Thanks for coming to my website. Please bookmark me and send me your want and have lists.  Formerly Beyond Illusion Books and Comics (1978) / Ninth Nebula - the complete Comic Book Store (1986-1996).  I specialize in 1950's and 1960's comics.

Comics & Original Comic art FOR SALE here now directly from me.  Below are old back issue comics, art, fanzines and related collectibles / memorabilia, big little books, pulps, deluxe format comics, Original Comic Art, (you are here), Silver Age Comics, Golden Age Comics, modern, bronze, copper age comics available.   

Old back issue comics for sale from me featuring some of the best comic artists and writers & grades.  I specialize in Al Williamson, Frank Frazetta, Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, Gene Colan, Gil Kane, Joe Kubert, Thomas Yeates and 1000's of other Comic Artists and Authors.  More comics and art just in.  Selling comics and art for 46 years.  Paypal verified.

Rob Gustaveson

POB 1261 

Phoenix, Oregon 97535

Graphic Illusion Comics and Art (EC Marvel DC Original Comic Art) comicbooks

Old and Rare & Unique Back Issue Comics

    Golden Age Comics See below for more OLD comics under Disney and elsewhere!

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My Cell # 253-632-3175 

Skype:   robertg13 --  Noon to 8:00 p.m.  

Email is best

541-359-3674 Skype


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Yes I collect too.  I buy.



Back Issue Comics, Original Comic Art, Big Little Books & old Fanzines + much more!   For Sale now!


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Amazing Adventures (Marvel) (just images)


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Avengers Comics For Sale (link)

 Thor, Capt. America, Hulk, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Wasp, Giant-Man/Ant-man etc. Great film.









Captain-America not updated, please inquire.

Comics for sale. 



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Fantastic Four Comics


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Ghost Rider Comics


Hulk / Submariner  --  silver age 1960's comics



modern, bronze




Iron Man Comics For Sale click you-tube video to see covers Newly Updated


invincible-ironman page 2 random Newly updated


  photo im.jpg  photo 2013k087.jpg  photo 2013k071.jpg  photo 2013k061.jpg


Silver Age  Iron Man and Capt. America 


Jack Kirby


*Ka-Zar (Marvel) (just with images) inquire.


Machine Man


Magazines  Comic Related


Punisher *


Sgt. Fury





silver age just updated;


Silver Surfer modern 


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Amazing Spider-man *


SilverAge Comics (ask for video too) 

Steve Ditko Art is in issues 1-38 1st series Stan Lee

Silver Age.


Spiderman   modern comics (Another good film just out).







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Ask to see all my original Star Wars Movie (film) Posters & magazines




Dr. Strange SHIELD Torch Thing SHIELD



Thor great comics and a great film.













Thor Comics



thor part 1 *thor comic part 1b great old marvel comic books  



 THOR Comics  silver age (click link above)

(See more Thor videos below) Buy directly from me.  




thor comic books part 3 old comics high grade from







Venom_comics_for_sale (SPIDER-MAN continues)










Silver age + Byrne & modern age; Comics for sale.







Uncanny X-men  1st series



Wolverine Comics Marvel's famed X-men Character COMICS for sale



New Mutants (video of my comics for sale!):


warlock comics 




Warlock 15 Jim Starlin art high grade











Warlock Comics


(Ask to see the newly Video Taped Mint copies)


Wolverine_Comics (link with images and info)




Visit all sites.  Each link is my comics and art and related stuff for sale site.



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Ask if this Spectre art is sold





Featuring:  Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, Wally Wood, T. Yeates, Jim Starlin, Michael Kaluta, Gene Colan, Gil Kane and dozens of other great Comic & Science Fiction Artists.  Art for sale now.  Click this link!  Note:  I buy too.


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charlton comics steve ditko war ghost back issues on sale

Charlton Comics Video 

Charlton Comics (Link)

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DC Comics:




Detective_Comics / batman (link)

The Flash Video of v=qSLOLSSd2F4

Green Lantern



Joe Kubert DC war_comics 1960's

Jack Kirby

Justice League of America see the vid

Swamp Thing

Shazam (DC)


Superman silver_Age DC COMICS 1960's

Superman comics -- modern for sale from me now. +  (DC)

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Wonder  Woman Comics


Superman Annual #7 high grade comic book  





Green Lantern, Batman, Wonder-Woman, Superman, 

Legion of Superheroes, Justice League of America, Star Trek, Ronin and many other titles available. Wrightson, Adams, Swan, Cane, Gil Kane, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko...Click Links.

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dark_horse_comics new (5%)

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  for sale  (A few are Golden Age). Many Silver Age.

Deluxe Comics:  Marvel, DC, Eclipse  etc.:    



click all links and videos

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EC Comics *

click first  1950's  

new images








ec comics




I have 2 more videos of original EC comics 

I have for sale, inquire.  Wally Wood, Al Williamson, Jack Davis, Kamen, Frank Frazetta, Harvey Kurtzman, Kreigstein, Feldstein...


Haunt of Fear, Crime Suspense Stories, Tales from the Crypt, Weird Fantasy, Weird Science, Incredible Science Fiction, Weird Science Fantasy, Piracy, Impact etc. Great EC comic.

epic magazine from Marvel

Eclipse + other Independent comics (A small percentage)

 photo 1eon21.jpg Eon #2

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Fanzines (link)

comic fanzines 2 video click

image to re-add


Fanzines Comic Books and more    video  

   keep scrolling down

First Comics
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Gold Key / DELL  Comics  -- (also see Disney):


Golden Age Comics

with new images and comics



3-D & other great Comics



old and new

partial "
Just a small percentage of what is available from me.


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Al Williamson; Flash Gordon + more unlisted...ask!
Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, Thomas Yeates, Gene Colan, 

Wally Wood and dozens of other great comic artists.  

Art for sale now.  Click link!

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(Not developed but all for sale).

Jack Kirby, Jim Steranko, Neal Adams, John Byrne, Stan Lee, 

Steve Ditko, Barry Windsor Smith, Berni Wrightson, Gil Kane, 

Shooter, Conway, Thomas.

Spider-man, X-men, Hulk, Iron Man, DD, Elektra, Hulk, Warlock, 

Conan, SHIELD, Thor, Dr. Strange, Star Wars, Avengers etc.  

See below or click on link.  Especially see Jack Kirby.

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See the video at this link.
folios of art for sale by professionals

SF & Fantasy Paperbacks 

By Frank Frazetta, Jeff Jones, Barry Windsor Smith, 

Wally Wood, Jim Steranko +

fantasy paperbacks with awesome art Frank Frazetta Jeff Jones Krenkel Steranko etc for sale  

Frank Frazetta

Great cover art and sometimes interior art

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Post_Golden_Age comics

Steve Ditko

Just images...inquire...


See more pre-Marvel (including a so called Prototype) ATLAS comics, inquire   

Pulps are not my forte but comics and art are.  Own a few more.  One new one just in.


spawn comics  photo 2013Jan14058.jpg

Image Comics

image comics for sale partial list inquire for more

Ask me to list Image titles you want.

Starlog Magazines



 photo swposter.jpg


See all my Star Wars comics for sale

Art by Al Williamson  and others.

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Wally Wood, Ditko, Kane


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Underground Comix  

Crumb to Metzeger...

 photo zenback.jpg

Warren (Vampirella Creepy Eerie)

See the variety and quantity

Collectibles / Memorabilia


comic fanzines

video of magazines and comics 

high grade

rare special comics modern silver valiant image marvel dc

Special Comics Videos

Go to Marvel or DC or Fanzines or 

EC's or BLB's etc. 

by clicking on their link.

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captminight1.jpg I may have access to many others...what do you need?!  Ask now.

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Comic_Cards * will add more here soon   but bookmark this page.


Click Videos and Links

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Many Tapes and CD's
click links

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Beatles Records (Singles)

Send me your want list for Record Albums/Vinyl.  Just in tons of Greek Beatle records.  1000 Records & ALbums  available now.

Inquire about 

Beatle memorabilia.

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Inquire about Kennedy Memoribilia


Inquire about Star Wars Memoribilia

Buy Sell Trade

Memorabilia & collectibles   

FILM Items

Film Press Kits Lobbies Stills from

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Some are works in progress.  

Ask questions.

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Jewelry for sale

OFFERS?  WE say yes more often.


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Coca-Cola trays

and other Coke Memorabilia/Collectibles/Antiques.

coca cola trays  (video)

Real Old Original Coke items only!








my old alternative sites:  2 3 4  




James Bond, John Kennedy and unrelated books.  JFK Comics too.

This is all mostly my old store stock and my personal collection.

Please inquire about Valiant comics.  Thanks.  I have many in MINT for sale.  Untouched since issued.  Sin City, Solar, Magnus, etc.  See my art section for Valiant art too. Signed original comic art.

Videos of my Marvel Comics for sale.  videos_of_marvel_comics

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Rob Gustaveson

P.O. Box 1261

Phoenix, OR 97535





I accept checks,

money orders & Paypal.

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Over 45 years selling comics and art and doing mail order.

Some of my youtube videos see them but come back. 

Buy Directly From Me

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Over 45 years doing mail order and buying and selling comics and comic art.

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Robert Gustaveson 

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I am selling the titles on this and all my other pages right now directly to you.

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     Samples: Prices and grade upon request.


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     Offering Paper and Jewelry.  Also vinyl records just in.  Trades possible.

About 50,000-75,000 choice back issue comics 

For sale now directly from me or any auction site where I have my stuff.

Click all links and vids and images (some will open up).


Comics For Sale directly from me:


Now Listing:

 OLD Collectible Monster Cards

 photo b008663a-8565-4132-bd28-8e3f59853606.jpg  

Inquire about buying some of these things from me.

 photo 2013Jan14001.jpg

Binder full of cards

See all my comic cards. 

 photo IMG_6725.jpg 

  photo thx212sm.jpg 

  photo IMG_6734.jpg


 photo IMG_6742.jpg

I have many Batman Comics over 700 of them;  Plus offshoots.

  photo IMG_6728.jpg


Pink Panther $20

  photo x198.jpg

  photo 2013Jan14084.jpg

Barry Windsor Smith Rune subset

Non Sport Trading Cards Promos

  photo 2013Jan14091.jpg

Wally Wood

  photo 2013Jan14050.jpg

See all my Star Wars comics for sale

 photo IMG_6495.jpg 

My only G.I. Joe Comic is a high grade Annual/Yearbook, full color comics; MARVEL

  photo 2013Jan14025.jpg

Rare old comics in many forms

  photo 2013Jan14007.jpg

Steve Ditko Through The Ages

 photo 2013d002.jpg 


  photo thor1.jpg

Many Marvel Comics, Many Titles, Silver Age to Present; For sale inquire.  Thor Anniversary issue.


  photo comicsmagsartpins2012oct078_zps0ac4c6d7.jpg

Superman DC Titles for Sale 1960's-1996

I have 1000's of Superman Comics.

  photo comicsmagsartpins2012oct079_zps89317d27.jpg

  photo comicsmagsartpins2012oct093_zps00d8c6e5.jpg


 photo 305bef73.jpg

Issue before Death of Superman

  photo 18d06479.jpg

I have 2000+ Spider-man Comics For sale in High Grade and other grades too. Marvel Comics

Babe Ruthe large old postcard -- Have just the one $25.00 photo IMG_7406.jpg

Post Card (Large, Old) Babe Ruthe

 photo 2013Jan14061.jpg

Card: Doomsday -- Superman's Death

 photo IMG_6753.jpg

Two stamp albums with stamps and uncancelled stamps available.

 Flash Gordon photo 100_2168.jpg

Flash Gordon Sun Newspaper Strips

  photo x222.jpg

I have 2000 X-men Comics For Sale

  photo IMG_6754.jpg

(Only 2 different Stamp Books available very cool)!

  photo 7cc48bdb.jpg

Cover Art For Sale

  photo fc98214e.jpg

Please email me to request a current price

Prices could be different than stated (some lower) so please inquire.


Email me directly at: (fast) or (slow)


And thanks for all your participation, fun and business.


253-632-3175  *

Rob Gustaveson

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         Phoenix, Oregon 97535

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     I am offering comics & art for sale  here also:


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  •  ebay=graphic-illusion  (Big variety at all times 50 or more listings of art and comics & more; some more expensive).


  • My For Sale At Webstore  *  WEBSTORE: cards, comics, books & art added (click it)* Also visit backissuecomics (Over 100 Listings)

(Over 100 listings) first to buy gets a free comic  

(My less developed site).  Some new images. (My newest webpage).


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