Marvel Comics 1960's for sale

Features Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye and a host of other characters.

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10-01-19 updated

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Silver Age below:

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 photo comicsfromgraphicillusion 2.jpeg  photo comicsfromgraphicillusion 26.jpeg  photo comicsfromgraphicillusion 30.jpeg  photo comicsfromgraphicillusion 28.jpeg  photo Scan 56_1.jpeg  photo comicsfromgraphicillusion 8_1.jpeg  photo comicsfromgraphicillusion 5_1.jpeg  photo ec25a 13.jpeg  photo graphicillusionShade 23.jpeg  photo ec25a 15.jpeg  photo ec25a 17.jpeg  photo ec25a 37.jpeg  photo ec25a 23.jpeg  photo ec25a 39.jpeg  photo ec25a 33.jpeg  photo Scan 11.jpeg  photo ec25a 38.jpeg  photo Scan 14.jpeg  photo Scan 13.jpeg  photo Scan 17.jpeg  photo Scan 21.jpeg  photo Scan 19.jpeg  photo Scan 23.jpeg  photo Scan 27.jpeg  photo Scan 25.jpeg  photo Scan 29.jpeg  photo Scan 31.jpeg  photo Scan 35.jpeg  photo Scan 37.jpeg  photo Scan 33.jpeg  photo Scan 39.jpeg  photo Scan 45.jpeg  photo Scan 4.jpeg  photo Scan 1.jpeg  photo Scan 81.jpeg  photo Scan 102.jpeg  photo Scan 104.jpeg  photo Scan 14 copy.jpeg  photo Scan 106.jpeg  photo Scan 109.jpeg  photo Scan 13 copy.jpeg  photo Scan 117.jpeg  photo Scan 114.jpeg  photo Scan 116.jpeg  photo Scan 121.jpeg  photo Scan 68.jpeg  photo Scan 54.jpeg  photo Scan 119.jpeg  photo Scan 123.jpeg  photo Scan 52.jpeg  photo Scan 56.jpeg  photo comicsfromgraphicillusion 5.jpeg  photo comicsfromgraphicillusion 8.jpeg  photo graphic-illusioncomics 112.jpeg  photo graphicillusionAvengers.jpeg  photo graphicillusionAvengers 7.jpeg  photo graphicillusionShade 14.jpeg  photo graphic-illusioncomics 24.jpeg Aavengers comics photo 0afa6c17.jpg  photo 39f4cf78.jpg  photo 7d215545.jpg  photo b82860bc.jpg  photo 8851b40a.jpg  photo f04586b4.jpg  photo 7a108aa8.jpg  photo 872c4ff9.jpg  photo 8014584d.jpg

 photo comicsfromgraphicillusion 9.jpeg  photo comicsfromgraphicillusion 11.jpeg


  photo d4d19d1c.jpg

Plus a few other boxes of AVENGERS ARE FOR SALE


9 VF-/VF




1st Wonderman Key


click image

14 VF








#27 Fine-

wear at staple





29 g plus






Fine or better





#42   VG+/Fine The Plan and the Power

Hercules, Dragon Man, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Capt. America +

Bend, very minor wear

42   g    a42-2ndcopy.jpg
Avengers #47  


61 VG+ Big Chip top left cover a61.jpg




The Mighty Avengers #76  
78 VG    



  click item to see bigger  
#91 VG+  



93 VG+ or better Neal Adams Double sized  



96 FINE +    


NEAL ADAMS interior art


#97 VG lower staple loose, cover detached from comic, complete  


Gil Kane cover BUSCEMA Art

Ask about other annuals.
GS 1 Avengers Giant Sized #1
Annual #7  variety of conditions Jim Starlin Art ask for scan (doublesized)
Giant Sized Avengers #4 VG+ range  ANNUAL Size $20


on Ebay now.  in my store as Graphic-Illusion

King Sized Annual #4 VG+, tight, small bend, looks Fine or better.  Contact for grade and price. a4.jpg




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inquire See  the video. + 300 issues

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