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Alan Watts Tapes and CD's For Sale

Photo of Alan Watts just prior to his passing in 1973

Please CONTACT to purchase some.

These are  timeless & profound

Alan Watt's  talks! 

A Philosophical entertainment.

A joyful sharing of knowledge.

Alan Watts influenced the human potential movement tremendously.  The great philosopher / educator / Theologian / ALAN WATTS speaks volumes in these outstanding  official authorized CD recording(s).

Essential Lectures of


Alan Watts !



Alan Watt's passed away in 1973 (escaping his outer shell) but lives on in these esoterically & exoterically revealing discourses and eternal truths!


You will receive 1 Alan Watts' CD  or Tape with free plastic outer case.  See below.

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Released by Electronic University.  Run by Mark Watts (Alan Watts' son) from whom I  purchased these exciting fun lectures (at full retail the same price I am offering;  not been listened to therefore NEW!). These are  authentic real exciting Tapes $15 & (audio)  CD's $20.  (I am sure I am offering them for less than I paid too).

When they sell I try to delete them here...


Essential Lectures of

Alan Watts  !

Alan Watts MYTH & RELIGION 4.6 CD "Sex In The Church" !*


Essential Lectures of

 Alan Watts  !

Alan Watts MYTH & RELIGION 4.3 CD "Spiritual Authority" !*


Essential Lectures of

 Alan Watts  !

Alan Watts Democracy in the Kingdom Myth and Religion 4.5  * Have


Essential Lectures of

 Alan Watts 


Some have sold please inquire for what is left.

Shipping for first CD/tape is $3.15 then .50 cents per tape/CD after that in same order.  OR FREE ASK!  (In the USA).

Shipping fee: 


So Paypal or check or money order $23.15 for the 1st CD then just $20 total for each additional CD shipped in same order.

Or $18 total shipped a Tape. ($15 + $3= $18)


Sooner if you request a list NOW!


 Electronic University

Inquire for prices

Will sell separately. For Tapes please include $3.00 Shipping for the 1st Tape. 

$15 each



 Alan Watts

Wisdom of the Ridiculous 


  Alan Watts

Buddist Mysticism / Bhagavad Gita 


Alan Watts

Zenrin Poems $15
" Study of Asia /  Constitution of Nature $15
" Parallel Thinking / Love of Waters $15
" Divine Madness $15
Alan Watts Uncarved Block, Unbleached Silk $15
" The Philosophy of the Tao I and II $15
" The Philosophy of the Tao III and IV $15
" Zen of Controlled Accidents I and II  $15
Zen of Controlled Accidents III and IV $15
" Images of God III $15
" On Time and Death $15
Alan Watts talks in all tapes Why Not Now $15
" Spectrum of Love $15
" Zen Tales $15
" Ghosts / Karma: Law of Retribution? $15
" World as Organic Process I and II $15
Alan Watts Tapes
" Illusion of the Self $15
" Democratization of Buddhism $15
" Out of the Trap I $15
Out of the Trap II " each
Out of the Trap III "
Divine Madness $15
" Cosmic Drama $15
" Uncarved Block, Unbleached Silk $15
All items on this page are talks by Alan Watts Mysticism and Morality $15
" Being In The Way I and II $15
" Game of Yes and No II $15
" Game of Yes and No III $15
" The World as Self I $15
" The World as Self II $15
" The World as Self III $15
" The World As Emptiness I $15
" The World As Emptiness II $15
" The World As Emptiness III $15
" The World as Just So I and II $15
" The World as Just So III and IV $15
" The Web of Life 1 $15
" The Web of Life 2 $15
" The Web of Life III $15
" Being In The Way III and IV $15
" What Is Reality $15
" We As Organism $15
" The Joker I $15
The Joker II $15
" The Joker III $15
" Early Chinese Zen I and II $15
Early Chinese Zen III and IV $15
" Swimming Headless $15
" Game of Yes and No I $15
All tapes of Alan Watts
" Game of Yes and No $15
" A Contemplative Ritual $15
" Veil of Thoughts $15
" Fund. of Buddhism/Gateless Gate $15
will delete as they sell all these are tapes (cd's are at the top) are by Alan Watts I just have one copy of those listed
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I take checks and money orders too.

I accept checks, money orders and paypal.  At ebay I am graphic-illusion.
(Note I bought these Alan Watts tapes and cd's for $500 and am selling then at cost and below.  Make an offer on them all.

  So great an intro to all things esoteric.

Purchased from Mark Watts when it was electronic university!

   I only have one of each, when it sells, it's gone from me.  But more can be had via Mark Watts, his son, most likely.      


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